Welcome to the JPiret Gallery. In the following pages you will find a collection of works that I have completed over the past several years. They range from small pen drawings to large scale textured acrylic paintings. Please be patient with the various images here. Although the works displayed are in a condensed jpeg format, they will still take a little while to load the first time. I believe you will find them to be worth the time. For most pieces you will find a thumbnail image on which you can click for a larger view page.

Should you be interested in learning a bit about me and my various psychoses, please take a look at the background page.

Enjoy the showing, and contact me if you have any comments, or if you identify with something here and are interested in purchasing an original for yourself. If you appreciate the overall style or feel of the works, but do not find one here that would fit into your life, I would certainly consider creating one specifically for you.

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